All Your Sci-Fi Are Belong To UsSeriously... who wants one?  I, Super-Produce Pattycake, will be bumming around Anime Weekend Atlanta on Saturday night once again.  But this time... I'm going to have a small cache of freshly minted Bob and Carl shirts.  The shirts with the above design that we premiered at Dragon*Con 2011.  If you even THINK you see me... run up and scream "BOB AND CARL RULES!", and you get a shirt as long as I still have them left.  I'm not taking many... or else it'd be obvious that some guy heaving around a wagon of shirts might be "the guy"  So remember... say the phrase that pays and get a shirt.  And yes I totally said "phrase that pays".   Also... and this is between you and me... if you're in one of the video rooms this weekend... you just might see a never before seen clip that will be MONTHS before it makes it online.  Anyways... hope to see you at AWA!