It is hard to believe that just one year ago we were blown away by the response of the fans of Dragon*Con to our videos.  We can't thank you enough for being so encouraging.   And then here we are now just as blown away by the continued love and enthusiasm everyone has shown to us.  This year at Dragon*Con we met SO many people.  We  had fans dress up AS Bob and Carl.  And then on top of that we completely packed our two main events to the point people by the hundreds had to be turned away.  Including Dragon*Con's first every late night Puppet Slam hosted by Bob and Carl.


So to make up for that... we are going to broadcast the puppet slam live from Bob and Carl Headquarters Worldwide Monday night at 8PM eastern standard.  For folks who show up early we might have a few extras in store for you.   We are going to broadcast it on our uStream account.  Sci-Fi Janitors: Behind the Brooms on Ustream


Tell your friends and family!  Well.. maybe not the family.  The show was more of an 18 and up kind of show.  You have been warned!!